What students are saying about
the Interpersonal Mindfulness Course


The course widened my awareness of commonalities across human experience.
— HB
I have more patience with my children and find myself somewhat less ruminating and more connecting. My husband and I have had new endings to old conversations. I have felt both more present and less attached to the suffering of my mother. I am becoming more comfortable with my alone time.
— CR
The guidelines are so powerful to use. I wish I could say ‘pause’ to everyone I’m interacting with, but I know that my ‘pause’ is sufficient. Also trust emergence is huge especially when overwhelmed by where life is taking you.
— LB
I am so grateful for this class and to you who taught it. I notice that as the weeks passed, I opened up and let go of a lot of the anger? cynicism? I am really sad that this is over
I really enjoyed working in dyads and triads. This was something I thought I would not like and was a bit resistant to, but it was a really lovely experience.
This practice has profoundly changed a long-term relationship I’ve had. Thank you
— AN
I’ve been much more patient and less reactive with family members, especially my young son and my husband. At work I’ve been able to be more open minded, which seems to fuel creative problem-solving.
— DM
I have become more likely to be receptive to and capable of appreciating others’ perspectives. When I accomplish this, I think my interactions are more pleasant (for me) and more productive.
— MS
Each week has been an amazing rediscovery of the commonality of the human experience. I am relearning each day to trust emergence. These last weeks I have remembered how much I find people such wonders - odd, funny, difficult, beautiful, mean, generous - me included. This program has reminded me how I love it all and want to be a part of it.
If I had stopped after the first class, with pause, the value of my life experience would still have been dramatically affected in the best possible way. I could devote the next decade to pause alone, and greatly benefit… pausing is so essential with parenting; relaxing, opening, and listening deeply is what my kids need from me as their mom. 
My family thanks you, and so do I.
— KN
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